Comment: "help people reconnect to voluntary communities"

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"help people reconnect to voluntary communities"

It is these voluntary communities that the government has been steadily replacing. It usurps one after another. It devalues our money and steadily increases our taxes so that charitable organizations aren't able to meet the demands with the donations they receive, then government swoops in and takes over.

The writer is calling on us to consider more than ideology. To form and support voluntary communities to compete with the government programs. When the only answer someone can find in a time of need is a government program, the government has won. So the government works to ensure they are the only answer and then works to make sure they remain dependent.

We need to work to create better answers, ones based on actual help not hand outs. Localized help where the receiver understands any assistance they receive is coming out of the pocket of someone else and feels an obligation to pay it back or pay it forward if/when possible.

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