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You have made your bed...

The founders did not include laws against treason. The king of England had such laws and he expected his subjects not to break them. The founders were the ones who broke those laws. They declared their treason in the Declaration of Independence. Maybe you've heard of it?

Your "founders" included laws against treason when they decided to impose tyranny upon those around them once again. The idea of treason is a hallmark of tyranny and the myth of legitimate authority. They gave you some fancy meaningless rhetoric about the "rule of law," and you bought it, hook, line, and sinker. You want to impose your idea of a "republican" government on those around you? You are in favor of that? Well guess what? You've got it.

You are now the subject of Barney Frank. And he decides what is treason, not you. It is his opinion of treason that counts, you see, and not yours.

I suppose that's poetic justice.

Now, would you rather we think of you as "good intentioned" or as treasonous to humanity for trying to force your idea of a republic on us?