Comment: Wake up from the veil of polarization

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Wake up from the veil of polarization

Throughout most of Europe, there are McDonald's everywhere. McDonalds is forced to pay health insurance benefits, social security benefits, welfare benefits, a high minimum wage, even for PART-TIME employees. Guess what... I went to a mall in Lisbon and of all the places to eat, literally dozens, which one had the 20 minute line, cause everyone wanted a burger. MCDONALDS. Now, lets get this straight. The employees at the Lisboa McDonalds were not SPECIAL in the sense that they had any high school or equivalent degree. In fact, most of them looked too young to have graduated high school. But they're getting paid nearly TWICE THE WAGE they get paid here in DOLLARS. Now, was my cheeseburger, $20 in Euros??? NO! It was THE SAME PRICE as in the United States.

The GREED of these corporations cannot be understated. If they are looking for a college graduate to run their cash register, they are only trying to undermine the value of the degree. Minimum salary should be $60,000 a year with full health/severance/and life insurance benefits. Otherwise GET OUT OF TOWN. Literally. All over the world... like my story in Lisbon.. in EVERY COUNTRY, there is a McDonalds. And people are lining up like hotcakes for it. The menu is almost always the same.

McDonalds is a grease fat producing craphole, and recently, at least here in New York, they started charging $7 for their main meals. I mean, I could go buy a box of bubba burgers, a pound of American cheese, some hamburger rolls, and cook 12 cheeseburgers that taste 10x better than this crap. I could buy my own freeze dried fries and make BETTER fries. McDonalds just sucks. Need I mention the health code is more strict in these European countries and they are paying higher taxes per employee.

This company is just awful, plain and simple. Really, liberal or conservative, up or down, watch Supersize Me. It is a must watch. I've said my peace.