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Well said from an insulated member

who really hasn't spent the time he accuses me of not doing. Assimilation is what created the inherent greatness of this Country and for you to suggest that it didn't occur is the height of hypocrisy. All the minorities you attempted to utilize to spin me into a bigot have integrated in one way or another to our society and, with the exception of African Americans who were naturalized after the Emancipation Proclamation, came here willingly and attempted successfully to integrate into our culture. Not so for the Mexican ILLEGALS who have decided which laws are applicable to their selves and which customs and languages they will partake of while forcing the inconveniences and expenses of a multi language nation upon all who have been forced to accommodate the politically correct movement of the moment.
Just an example of how simple your argument is. Your statement "Good idea, get rid of birthright. Ha! That would mean every single person in this country, besides legal immigrants would have to go." Another attempt at twisting my meaning. My clear intent, and it's not one to suit your liberal agenda, was to not include individuals who have respected our laws into the Birthright category. Sonny or girly girl, before you try to shove words down this 58 year old's mouth you'd better think them out a bit better than you have. I've served in the military, grew up in the slums of Philadelphia, have had many Black, Asian and Hispanic friends and find your whole premise of attacking me with false accusations hilarious and without redemption.
Bottom line and if you can't see it you have no real experience in the matter. I've know many immigrants who came to this nation and without exception they wished to blend in with our society. The vast majority of ILLEGAL Mexicans refuse to do so and their crossing the border, without doing it the way that multitudes of other immigrants have, is a slap to the face of all legal citizens.

If not us than who?