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Comment: Sorry about the delay but I do have a life.

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Sorry about the delay but I do have a life.

I'll attempt to be a plain as possible in my answers to enable you to understand.
Number 1 with regards to how laughable your premise is about Hispanics supposedly being discriminated against in some fashion with regards to immigration. What a crock...I've known many Cubans, Dominicans and Puerto Rican individuals who who had absolutely no issues with gaining citizen ship. But they didn't attempt to force their cultures upon Americans, rather they sought to integrate and chose to SHARE their culture with those of us who chose to share with them. If you claim the same with regards to ILLEGALS than you have absolutely no credibility in this issue and I'm wasting my time.
Number two regarding the multicultural signs you seem to be referring to, I'm a very quick reader, last tested at 2200 words per minute and signs such as that have no bearing upon my statement about machines wasting my time. The machines are far too slow and for you to blame Corporate America is merely a cop out. Perhaps Corporate America should install Reefer vending machines because the vast majority of Americans have imbibed. Seeing the way you and your sycophants, from the down votes I'd have to give a good guess you have three of them, have attacked as well as twisted much of what I've stated, I can't wait for your response with regards to that statement. Step lightly,I'm waiting.... but not for long, as I said unlike some I do have a life which necessitates my being away from the keyboard for prolonged periods.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.