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I worry

that my son who was diagnosed with ADHD and also suffers from anxiety, OCD tendencies, and other sensory issues, and is being treated through a combination of meds and counseling, will not be allowed to purchase a firearm for himself when he gets of age.

It is absolutely ridiculous to think that the state can deem him unfit to own a firearm. Nor is it up to the public, who can clearly be swayed far too easily by propaganda and various other biases, to determine who can and can't own a weapon.

What about "shall not be infringed" is unclear?

ALL people have the natural right to own weapons.

If we want to keep us (society) safe from the lone crazed gunmen, then it is our duty to have millions of trained and well-armed people (not agents of the state) concealed (or open) carrying in every public place including government buildings. That is the best protection against murderers and other criminals.

"shall not be infringed".

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