Comment: LOL- Nowhere did you embrace an act of violence?

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LOL- Nowhere did you embrace an act of violence?

Asking when it is ok to commit violence certainly implies one is looking for violence - otherwise the line would be a non-issue. And if you READ - I qualified your question with a question - who do you plan your violence against? Oh - but you are only speaking hypothetical, as such I assume we can use hypothetical targets.

You try to play a nice little bait game of - never did I say I wanted to drop everything I was doing and storm the White House - yet you preface that very statement with a question of WHEN that would be "socially" acceptable.

So you don't have the balls to come out and say when YOU feel that time has come - but spin your whole take hoping someone else does. Hence you are just a provocateur in my mind. Hiding under the guise of a healthy conversation - of which you provide nothing but questions to bait others. Even your silly little cognitive dissonance line is meant to bait.

And as my post point out - I think those of you fantasizing about a second revolution are the naive ones. Asking silly questions of violence as if you read about it in a book.

Why not enlighten us here - when DO you feel violence is ok - why don't you lay the ground rules for us all. Also add in a short resume of your experience on such matters so we may judge your skills, experience and commitment to such matters.