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Slippery Slope

I was worried the moment people started to talk about taking the guns away from the crazies. This is the wrong approach for many reasons. The first (and most important) being that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. Please note the absolute lack of any restrictive speech when talking about the 2nd amendment. It does not say anything about being able minded, able bodied, etc. You have the right to protect yourself.... period. Crazy or not.

The second problem with this is the definition of crazy. Of course anyone being prescribed "anti crazy pills" of any kind are going to be the first to be sucked into this type of lawmaking and the first to lose their rights. It is very unfortunate but they are the easiest targets. But where does the crazy train end? I would argue that all people go through levels of crazy every day. Being stuck in traffic for instance can drive anyone mad if stuck long enough when you have to be somewhere. SO, when you describe crazy, what exactly does it mean. Am I crazy? Are You? Aren't we all?

The other big problem will now be of those needing mental help but unwilling to get it. Anyone needing mental health experts are going to think twice and probably not act when it comes to mental health. Why? Because as soon as they do, they will lose their right to defend themselves. Its very sad....