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Neither Should

The users of these meds should be taking proper precautions. Locking up their own guns, giving the keys to a loved one would be a good first step. Just like when drinking and driving. It is your responsibility to manage both properly. Neither the car nor the alcohol are at fault. The user is.

Unfortunately, if you take away the med's, many people who are able to get better because of it are now alienated. I don't think the state should step in, but doctors and health professionals should advise properly. In the end, its the end users job to ensure they are safe.

I blame no one for sandy hook except the shooter and his mother. They knew full well he was imbalanced, taking mind altering drugs and had access to weapons. In my opinion, this was preventable both by him and his mother.

I also believe that it should have never been able to get as far as it did and would fully support any member of a school board capable and willing to carry a gun to do so. Sandy hook should have been stopped at the front door.