Comment: The issue is not gun owners or pill haters

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The issue is not gun owners or pill haters

Focus your attention to the government and solely the government. The governments arm stretches farther and farther into our lives then ever before IE big pharma, Monsanto, weather modification, and etc. It's all government oppression and caused by a lack of fight for a couple generations to hold onto our freedoms and liberties.

I had a conversation with my co-worker the other day and I was blown away by what she said. That doesn't usually happen much these days. She told me her sister worked for the government in DC (CIA, FBI) awhile back but the other day she added on to it that her sister has anxiety and has taken meds for it her whole life but when her sister got a job with the government a condition of taking the job was that she needed to stop taking her meds and be med free. I was left speechless at the magnitude of this knowledge I just gained. My co-worker clearly didn't understand the importance to me as it never really meant anything to her. Just an interesting tidbit about big pharma. It's no different then Monsanto selling gmo free foods in their own cafeterias.