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The Big Ear That Wouldn't Hear

There she was, a big floating earbug, under the Flag of the United States, the men sun bathed and enjoyed the Mid East sunshine.. nothing to see, nothing to HEAR.. just sea gulls and laughs from the hard working men in uniform who found that day, so beautiful, they waved to the Israeli pilots, what great friends.. nothing to see, nothing to HEAR, no message from Israel.. just a fly over that means NOTHING to this jolly crew of peaceful patriots with the best modern technology.. and they can't hear.. the big ear that couldn't hear.

What did MSM do? Nothing. Now some say, "Well that's because the zionists own the MSM." Rather, the USA was embarrased to be caught eavesdropping on their friend Israel, and then lying about it, while American tax payers are supposed to think it's great it's buying Big Ears so crews can have nothing better to do than sunbath, drink beer and think the israeli fly over is an air show because we are friends?

I think Israel is far more cosmopolitian, on an international level many Americans would feel at home, and appreciate what Israel is in the Mid East. Israel speaks English, and one reason an Americans might want to go there. You could go to Israel, sleep in a tent and eat American food so you won't get sick, and build cement block homes for Palestinians. Would that make you feel better? Israel has it's issues, but it also works to resilve those issues.

So many people LOVE Israel, sometimes, people are so desperate to leave the racism from their home countries, they come to Israel and do steal property.. it's like the Liberty Movement on a global sclae, where people want to live in Israel.. and this is a problem for Israel, where 30K people go a day, and many want to stay there, it's the combination of what is most ancient and sacred in western civilization and what is the most technologically advanced, great food, climate, intellectually stimulation, emotionally charged.

Be part of the solution.. go to Israsel and build homes for the Palestinians.