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Some false assumption you make: 1) You know what culture I was born in or that I adhere to. 2) That I respect any a fraction of the laws 38,000,000 laws we are forced to abide by. 3) That you know my age. 4) That I respect the military, or slums. 5) That I think this Country or its subjects are inherently great.

Culture was helpful in a different time and place, but for now it hinders life in the US. I do enjoy cultural things, not so much American culture besides Cajun, but mostly Mexican culture. Not sure what being a member of the insulated means.

I guess you believe that drinking real milk, picking some mushrooms, having certain weeds growing on your property, not wearing a seat belt, allowing others to smoke in your bar, hiring a person to work that happened to pop out of his mama's womb on the wrong side of the arbitrary line that your tax farmer set, actually working in the wrong side of the ruler's lines, sniffing a magic marker, living with a person without the ruler's paper authorizing consent, or driving 26 mph in a zone the ruler's decided should be classified as a 25 mph zone should be avoided. Enjoy.

So you believe that your exemplary age of 58 classifies you as being smarter or have more valid point in this debate than others of different ages? Hmmm. Exceptionalism seems to be quite common theme in your arguments. You have no idea of my age, btw. If I told you I was 59 would you respect my words more? I'm not. I not telling either because I think it is irrelevant.

So since you lived in the slums and signed up to be a murderer for the collective you are more exceptional or have better arguments on immigration in a libertarian forum? Just to let you know, a true libertarian generally believes that all people should be able to do as they please without infringing on the life, liberty, or property of others.

And last and most important, do you really believe that America and its subjects are inherently greater than other geographic areas or peoples? If you do, than I do not know why I even bothered typing this because we will never agree. I guess I just get frustrated when so-called libertarians are so hard on Mexicans (not Guatemalans, Hondurans, or Salvadorans). BTW, if you think Jews have mingled you must not know many or ever watched much TV. They are not supposed to integrate. Their book says.