Comment: The drug industry is very big money.

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The drug industry is very big money.

Now this issue is being used as an excuse to usher in the gun ban.

IMHO we have incompetent doctors handing out psychotropic pills to teens and those in their 20s. The pills become a way of life instead of dealing with the cause of the anxiety. I do not believe in taking pills.

None of us in this world get through life without feeling depressed and anxious at some period in life. Taking pills is not the answer. I have talked to young people who have been on anti-depressants for up to 10 years.

Every pill has long term detrimental effects. The pharmo industry is selling their wares via ignorant doctors who basically know nothing about body chemistry. They have become the modern day licensed pill pushers for pharmo. A PILL IS NOT THE ANSWER. If you buy into using pills you are just a consumer helping to keep big pharmo in BIG PROFIT. Deal with what is bothering you and do not take psychotropic pills!