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Do tell us all

How exactly do you test for those 'other things'. Do you buy test strips or chemical drops over and over for each test? Are they free or $10 each/month? Does that cost add up or do you tell people it's a minor occasional cost? Would a scientific "gadget" that displays all of them all day long eliminate this ongoing expense?

What about pH? YOU say to check this every few days but did such an expert as yourself know that if your pH drops for a few hours or rises too high for half a day, it can set your harvest back 3-10 days? No? Do you know how many things can build up before starting to change it, making it change within 3-4 hours? Well, maybe there's some room for a little science here. I may not know every interaction between each factor yet, but at least I'm learning more all the time and trying to put that into practice.

What about media? You insinuate that the numerous problems with it can be dealt with by soaking it. Since you are the anointed DP expert and you did come here to critique MY system, if you had actually read my OP with a non-critiquing, open mind, you would know that no medium is even used. I'm sure you've heard of aeroponics though so I won't explain it?

Off the top of my head, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Iron, Sulfur, Molybdenum, Boron, shading, too dense of planting and not enough air to the roots. Those are the minerals and problems that could be deficient if the leaves look yellow. Each has a different color, location and pattern showing so you can't simply say "yellow is lack of iron". Every different geography on the planet has a different make-up of water. How would you feel if you told someone to add iron for yellow leaves when their problem was actually just the Potassium? As I said above, that one took a year to figure out (I think I said it was phosphorous though.)

Do you see yet how a little actual research and science could help people more than just saying, 'this is how I did it and it works so don't mess with it'? Like I said before, I'll say again so you don't get anything in a bunch, I'm not arguing against any of your methods or techniques. You came here to assess my system and you haven't said one good word about it yet and you end up saying I have "no experience". Well, that's arrogant, ignorant and just plain rude. You've said you have been doing this for more than 2 years. I've been at it, albeit following a different path, for nearly 4 so take your condescension elsewhere. You might check some of your ego by reading the other comments. HTH

BTW: Your attitude a long time ago on this is why I won't post any pics until it's perfected. Just sayin'.