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I totally AGREE with you, except---

for this comment that you made:

"demonizing pharmaceuticals"

VOTE this UP----not down!

Ok, as a grandparent of a little boy who was "vaccine-injured" due to a self-righteous, obedient Medical Establishment who pressures innocent mothers against their will (& under threat to take her off their insurance)to vaccinate their children, my little grandson cannot enunciate. At one time, he couldn't speak!! AND, it's cost us thousands of $$$ for a special Defeat Autism Now (DAN) doctor, not to mention thousands of $$$ for vitamins & chelation, all administered at certain times by his mother who is TOTALLY worn out from all this. The little boy is recovering, but he is still NOT enunciating real well. He's frustrated, and so are we!

So, don't tell me we at this community are too harsh against the pharmaceutical companies who produce vaccines in China that are NOT monitored by the FDA and which have MERCURY & adjuvants in them that CAUSE brain damage, or at the least, would cause a super intelligent boy to be just "normal".

Is this what we want for our society? Well, it's happening, and it's real.

However, you are right about the SSRI drugs. It all comes down to WHO is taking them, and HOW MANY are they taking at what mg. People abuse prescribed drugs every day of the week, but those who follow instructions are NOT going to go off the wall. So, are we going to penalize those who are normal, law-abiding people who happen to be taking 1/2 the normal dose of a drug, who are NOT a threat in any way, and they've taken it say for just 3 months of their ENTIRE FRIGGIN' LIFE, or will we not support such an outrageous control by our government?

If we encourage, here at the DP, that the government do "background checks" and "medical checks", then, we are encouraging a LOT of this. Why do we think they instituted OBAMACARE? They did it so they can get rid of guns via stupid things like this--at least that's one reason!

So, to prove my point, you might ask yourselves a question here at DP---why WOULDN'T the government/FDA outlaw these drugs if they deem them so dangerous? Duh..