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I agree. End game free market banking system. Where savings determines interest rates... and no FED distortion. This may take 1 or 2 generations. Unwinding Keynesian mess.
Theres tons of debt in today's economy. Massive deflation would screw all the debt holders. Personally I don't and my family doesn't have debt but I know Most Americans do have large debt. Deflation would require more work to pay off loans. Enslaving these people to the banks and CC companies (more than "normal"). Lets say interest rate are forced down to 4% causing 3% inflation 1% effective rate. Maybe around 7% interest required to get 0% inflation/deflation. We just changed the effective rate from 1 to 7%. If we went total freemarket interest rates might jump to 25%. In the '80s under "conservative" control (not even close to freemarket banking) it hit 18%.
I think, the only moderation needed is time and not compromising goals or philosophy. I'm a radical for liberty but a conservative at implementation (relative to others). I know that good and evil exist and all systems will have both. Conservativism tells me, if everything stays the same, I know where life's "potholes" are and can avoid them. Systematic and quantitative changes in the correct direction of liberty maybe the only moderation.