Comment: Truce?

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I don't know why, but every single word you write to me comes off as arrogant, condescending and telling me 'go ahead because you'll be back when you fail'.

I'm honestly trying to see another side to it, but after reading your words numerous times now, you are still saying the same thing. You just assume your experience is needed here and will help me out and that's all you focus on. I find that insultingly arrogant especially lacking any specific questions on all the new stuff. There are lots of brand new methods intertwined there, yet not a word.

I'm trying to get along here. The reason is that just like you believe you could help me out, I could help you. You seem fixated on my doing this for myself. I'm not. Been there, already learned lots the hard way. I've eaten naturally ripe, extra meaty Roma tomatoes that were nothing but a seed 31 days earlier (from orbitropism). I've spent between $40/month to grow $20 (store value) and later spent $.95/month to grow $50+ worth in store value. I have done it and will do more (rebuilding it ATM) but that's not my only goal.

My goal is to simplify and consolidate as many features into one box as I can cost effectively do to successfully draw in as many others as possible. If you read that other projects in the OP, you'll see that's a common thread. You can think of it as me trying to create "windows" and a mouse for computers in a DOS world. I'm sure you can grasp how that changed the PC market.