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Some more holes in your argument:

"All the minorities you attempted to utilize to spin me into a bigot have integrated in one way or another to our society and, with the exception of African Americans who were naturalized after the Emancipation Proclamation, came here willingly and attempted successfully to integrate into our culture.

Really? So I take it you're fine with the following medallions and attire Blacks wore throughout part of the 80s' & 90's:

Yet if the above shirt read "It's a Mexican thing - YOU wouldn't understand" you'd be okay with that? And if the U.S. was covered in Mexican colors, you'd be okay with that? And if it was the "Aztec Nation", as opposed to the "Zulu" nation, you'd be okay with that?

As for "language", it's not the Mexicans fault that they speak Spanish. However, their unwillingness to learn English is something else entirely. And to assume that ALL Mexicans refuse to learn the language is purely false and ignorant.

Yet from your "attempted successfully to integrate into our culture" above, I guess 1970's "jive" and "ghetto slang" is okay right?

And yet you don't see the hypocrisy, right?

"The vast majority of ILLEGAL Mexicans refuse to do so". That must make you one hell of an expert to KNOW SO MANY ILLEGAL MEXICANS. Tell me, where'd you meet them all and how many did you actually count to conclude the majority? You don't have any clue how ridiculous that sounds do you? If you can't figure it out, it's comments like those that are why people classify you as a bigot. FACT is YOU DON'T KNOW EVERY SINGLE ILLEGAL MEXICAN or as YOU put it, THE VAST MAJORITY. I've seen less holes in Swiss cheese than in your reply here.

Throughout ENTIRE world history, man has CHOSEN to persecute a different race/culture for whatever reasons they can come up with. Congratulations! You're doing great at not breaking the cycle.