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Comment: Crazy Pills need to be banned!!

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Crazy Pills need to be banned!!

Sorry but not only are you wrong but you have it ASS Backwards!! The reason they prescribe so many of these "crazy pills" is so they can have them on your medical records & use it to revoke your 2nd Amendment rights!!

Almost every person leaving the Military will have had these prescribed at one time so all vets will be disarmed. They do not work & are like putting a bandaid on a 6" gash , so as to mask the symptom.

SSRI's are deadly and need to be outright banned!

What do all mass shootings as well as other un-explained acts of Violence over the last two decades have in common?

That's right "CRAZY PILLS"

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Peace out!

"Great Men Do Not Seek Power, They Have Great Power Thrust Upon Them"