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I was interested

I was definitely interested and intrigued by what has been brewing in the Bitcoin market. I think it is important to view it the same way as with any Wall Street trading. There is a big difference between investing and trading. One is a long term commitment and the other is short. I think we may find in the coming weeks or months that there are some who have gotten in on the Bitcoin movement, just has someone would jump in on a bullish stock. They will buy and hold it as long as they think it can rise and when it shows any ounce of instability, they will dump it for other currency. And that will make it even more volatile.

Maybe I'm not thinking this through completely, but if there is currency collapse in the U.S. and around the world, as has been discussed on this forum, how in the world will you be able to transact with your BTC (except by USB cable), if the phone company shuts down your service for not paying? If there is a long banking holiday, Cyprus style, how will you keep your electricity and internet rolling in order to access your Bitcoin wallet? Will AT&T and Verizon magically start accepting Bitcoin payment?