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It's the criminal elite who are best...

positioned to benefit from a systemic collapse. If you think the anarchists at DP don't know this, I've got some subprime loans I'd like to sell you. Anarchists are nothing more than a front for the criminal control freaks they claim to oppose.

Just ignore the utopian anarchist fantasies and focus on restoring Constitutional restraints on government, i.e., the enumerated powers doctrine and the tenth amendment which ascribes all powers not specifically given to the Federal government to the States.

Convicting bipartisan leaders of treason is also part of restoring Constitutional government. For evidence of treason check out the sections "American and Chinese Communism, a Partnership" and "Closing the Loop on Terrorism" in the pdf file "Knowledge is Power". Here's the link: (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)