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Comment: Absurd, and factually and historically wrong.

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Absurd, and factually and historically wrong.

Society is free everywhere there is not a gun and a badge.

When you go camping or to a burn or sailing you're free until some coast guard cutter shows up.

People do these things all the time with no ill effects, in fact seek out these situations. People don't all of a sudden break out Guy Fawkes masks and start throwing bombs.

(I should mention tangentially while I don't approve of those actions, but insomuch as they exist they exist in response to coercion.)

As well in the first century in America most of the west had no state to 'help' them. Society grew, amassed capital, then the state had cause to take over. This is all of history. Until societies have something to steal, there is no profit for gangs. This is why in history you don't find states when people can subsist off the land easily and didn't have to store capital.

At least.. until statists invented the manacle and collar.