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Comment: Okay I'll humor you -

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Okay I'll humor you -

"I'll attempt to be a plain as possible in my answers to enable you to understand."

Thanks Obiwan - please enlighten me oh great one!

"Number 1 with regards to how laughable your premise is about Hispanics supposedly being discriminated against in some fashion with regards to immigration. What a crock...I've known many Cubans, Dominicans and Puerto Rican individuals who who had absolutely no issues with gaining citizen ship."

You know what's even MORE LAUGHABLE? You know ALL THOSE Puerto Ricans and Cubans you supposedly know? Well if you REALLY knew them, they would have told you that they DON'T need to go through a Visa or Immigration process. Why? Because they get AUTOMATIC CITIZENSHIP! Puerto Ricans are BORN CITIZENS, and Cubans just need to reach the U.S. and also get AUTOMATIC CITIZENSHIP. They go straight on to Naturalization. But of course, IF YOU REALLY KNEW THESE PEOPLE, THEY WOULD HAVE TOLD YOU THAT, RIGHT??? This alone, just showed me how much you REALLY KNOW Obi-wannabe, and speaks VOLUMES on your credibility regarding actually knowing these people. So either they lied to you, which if they did, they're not really your friends, or you just made that up.

Way to dismiss the argument on Multi-cultural signs that both Government and Corporations have chosen to manufacture. That's FACT regardless of your speed reading skills. Maybe you should worry more about your reading comprehension skills, or better yet, due to the lie I just busted you in above, start doing some real research before providing false claims! Didn't work.

Go back to Jedi training school - you're severely lacking!