Comment: Illegal immigrants who have been here for more than 5 years

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Illegal immigrants who have been here for more than 5 years

Should be granted full citizenship upon passing immigration tests. These tests should not be IQ tests, etc, but the same type of understanding about the country's history that normal immigrants are given. The naturalization process. They should be placed into this system on a fast track to legal immigration but there should be NO limbo system of being half-citizen. Once we do this we are going to have a slave labor force institutionalized by the government. It has already been started in the prisons but it will end in total chaos if it is introduced to illegals. The problem will not go away.

First we must realize the problem is far more vast than what is stated. We are told there are 8 million illegal immigrants It is more like 30+ million illegal immigrants. Some have lived here ALL their lives. They would bring a net production to the economy if they are allowed into our normal integration policy.

Children of illegal immigrants cannot be separated from their families and sent to the borders. Further, you cannot claim to be a country that treasures liberty by sending 30+ million people into a potential refugee catastrophe by demanding they leave the country. This will only increase xenophobia throughout the country as was the case right after 9-11. The fear of the foreigner is the first sign of a police state.

Just get them integrated on fast track and be done with it. They want the same thing we all do. A house, a job, and a family. You can't blame them for leaving Mexico. Its an absolute sh*thole. I'm sorry. Best to solve the problem by not creating a new one.

The US should consider an open immigration policy instead of a moderate policy of assimilation. The problem is that assimilation has not and never has worked entirely. Just open the door and let people come and go legally. There is no crisis.

Illegal immigration has been going down since 2008 which should say something about the state of this country. It is again, one of those wedge issues, used by politicians, do divide us. And used by special interests, who very much want these illegals to stay, but under a form of "limited citizenship". Make no mistake about it: these special interest groups are targeting both the Democrats and Republicans, especially in highly urbanized states like New York. Note the mayor of New York's insistence that illegal immigrants be given drivers licenses but not citizenship.