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Okay I'll humor you as well

The link YOU provided is for those wishing to travel TO India.

Here's a link to the fees FROM INDIA TO THE U.S.

You will notice that depending on the type of Visa, the prices range from $160 - $350. And that's ONLY the APPLICATION fee which is many times rejected and you're still out the fee. There are other ridiculously large (filing)fees that are tied to other forms required as well. "IF" they choose to APPLY for Residency (can still be rejected and you're out the cash) the fee runs about $1100. The AVERAGE MONTHLY Indian salary last year was 5,000 Rupees, which equal to roughly $91 U.S. Dollars. That's MONTHLY in case you didn't get that the first time.

Feel free to look up the various forms and associated fees if you so wish. And make sure you're on the CORRECT site this time.

And you're wrong AGAIN, if you've read my other posts you would see that I mention, and bring up overstays from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. Canada's just another separate beast I just won't get in to. But thanks for the assumption/attack. "BS artist", "puerile", and a few others that evade me for the moment. Can't wait to see how you attack me next - Oh Great Attacker you! "Master of Attackers", "The Great Attacker"

Aren't you and your boys tired of being wrong and made to look the fool? As for me, I'm enjoying the hell out of PROVING you fools wrong - but that's just me! : )

Next time, try doing some research before sticking your foot in your mouth.