Comment: "We don't have to be uniform. We

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"We don't have to be uniform. We

just need to be united." Yes, Cynthia! That's what Americans need to realize. We need to take a giant eraser and get rid of the lines that have been drawn - black/white, Republican/Democrat, or whatever - that keep us from presenting a united front on so many liberty issues for which there is common ground.

Just like Ron Paul's attempt to pass the "One Subject at a Time Act," maybe that's what we need to do: rally around ONE ISSUE AT A TIME. That way, whether issues might be ideologically related or not, people wouldn't have to share opinions about legalization of pot or hemp or nationalized healthcare or ending the Fed before joining forces to create a loud voice in unison re, say, WAR: calling for an end to all these wars and military engagements; the need to adopt a non-interventionist foreign policy; and a demand for Congress to reclaim from the presidency its role and responsibility re any declaration of war. Imagine if we FOCUSED our efforts where there IS that common ground. And let the pro-war hypocrite liberals on "the left" and neocons on "the right" be the minority splintered *supporters* of the current policy and practices.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir