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Comment: LOL - you and me both

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LOL - you and me both

We have to "make" time for exercise. Hopefully your diet's in decent shape. C'mon we need you here for a LONGGGG time.

As to the frustration you & I expressed yesterday, I'm actually getting a kick out of replying to these people. I'm having fun and can only hope they keep it up. I think the difference is pointing out how dumb their arguments really are. The other difference being that they've initiated the attacks, so now I have the choice to stoop to their level. I have to admit, sometimes that can be fun. Today, I'm having a blast. That's the "evil" me talking, but sometimes it takes just the right people to bring him out. LOL

At the end of the day, if it's not those I reply to that learn something, hopefully it's some lurker that does.