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You continue to show your

You continue to show your ignorance. We don't need cellulose. Fodder beets easily rival sugar cane and can out produce them with up to 950 gallons per acre where as sugar cane in Brazil averages about 700 gallons per acre. Sweet Sorghum can average 500-1000 gallons per acre and will grow anywhere corn soybeans or sugarcane grow and can be rotated with those crops or can get 3-4 cuttings and not need to be replanted. It grows faster then corn and will tolerate more stressful conditions There are a number of other feed stocks the rival sugar cane and some grow wild like mesquite and cattails so farm land would not even need to be used.

Brazil clear cutting forests has nothing to do with ethanol production like I said they grow all their ethanol on less then 1% of their farmland they are not cutting forests to plant sugar cane they are doing it for other reasons.

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