Comment: What Happened to the Bodies?

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What Happened to the Bodies?

Nearly 3,000 human beings lost their life on that day in New York City and on the aircraft involved in the attacks yet only 10% whole bodies were recovered (see: ). How could this have occurred?

Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania had 44 people aboard and according to this article (see:, all of the remains were too decimated to identify without the use of DNA sampling. Eric Peterson, an eye witness to the plane going down, rushed to the crash site and said, “he saw no bodies” (see: ). How can there be no whole bodies or body parts?

There have been many notable passenger jet aircraft crashes where bodies were found when the plane impacted the ground.

In 1991 Lauda Air Flight 004, a Boeing 767 disintegrated at 4000 feet and crashed in Thailand
(see: ) killing all 213 passengers. However there were whole bodies found including Thomas Welch, the pilot of the plane still strapped to his cockpit seat!

In 2005 Helios Airways Flight 522, a Boeing 737 crashed from an altitude of over 34,000 feet (see: ) killing all 115 passengers. Autopsies revealed that all the passengers were alive at the time of impact. The body of the flight attendant who attempted to save the plane when the pilot and co-pilot were rendered unconscious was found near the cockpit area. Again, bodies were found!

It is clear the government of the United States murdered American citizens on 9/11 to further some nefarious agenda. What happened on that day has be investigated again. This cover up must be exposed and these evil perpetrators punished for their crimes against the country.