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So many words, so many thoughts, are an inspiration. I feel the compulsion within me to free associate intuitive conclusions that I sense: so for what you can get out of it, here's how I see things coming. (1) the money will collapse, fiat currency will be replaced, because so much debt will bury its own self. (2) this will cause people to look after their own health needs, and not rely on a evaporated medical system that went away with the fiat currency. (3) self reliance becomes reality through information and knowledge gained through the internet. (4) the engine of making a new society free and real is the use of free energy, which machines can no longer be suppressed, fiat money and its influence having disappeared. (5) laws are adhered to because people have arms and so insist, courts no longer influenced by corruptions, jury nullification abounds (6) honor returns, a spiritual satisfaction with life and liberty return. There is time enough for love. Laugh!