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Rand is choosing his issues

Rand is not staying pure to his father's views on every issue. Instead, he is focusing on those issues which appeal to those outside the liberty movement to form broad coalitions.

This will grow the Liberty Movement. Rand is growing the movement by bringing in "new" Tea Party Members, long time conservative republicans, Civil Rights Supports and Reagan Democrats. These people did not understand Ron's message or believed the media who called him a kook.

For those who believe we must follow Ron on every issue, Rand will make you angry at times, but he's trying to reach more than 10% of the country his father did and prevent the State Media from marginalizing him as they did his father.

If all of us continue to show up and build coalitions with those outside the Ron Paul Movement, we will become a strong political force and then be able to focus on fighting on the collectivist, big government politicians in both parties.

The larger Rand can grow the Movement, the more likely it is establishment Republicans will join us and not fight us as McConnell is doing.