Comment: the facts as i see them

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the facts as i see them

Upon joining (to "serve honorably", as you put it), you swore to uphold/defend the USC. Hence, it was your duty to refuse orders which violate it (that's what "defending it" means).
So when you took part in UNdeclared (and hence UNconstitutional) wars, you directly violated your oath by undermining that which you swore to defend. You also undermined the rule of law and the legal "chains" that bind the State.
So I might refer to you with unflattering terms.
But I'd call you a "murderer" only if you killed someone during your "honorable service" to the traitors in DC.

Oh, and btw:
"Serving" is what one does to one's master.
"Sacrifice" is what one does to pagan god.