Comment: At present, I Will/Do Support Rand

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At present, I Will/Do Support Rand

I believe Rand is trying to protect the Constitution and by default has to take on Progressives.

I know that a Libertarian candidate winning a serious federal, elected position in Congress is far off - maybe never. Rand is the best thing going relative to my fiscal views and scaling back the military.

The DP members in here splitting hairs over the meaning of leadership and letting perfect be the enemy of good doesn't seem to be an objective view of Rand relative to what he is up against.

While waiting for my wife at a Doc's office today, they had CNN on in the waiting room and the female host was concentrating on the gun issue and background checks. They made sure to bring up Rand's name amongst the 13 Senators threating filibuster - Rand's name only folks.
The host had two lap dogs add their two cents worth to make the host feel better (no opposing view) and one of the lap dogs stated that a filibuster preventing debate would be the work of "cowards". How can being on the wrong side of gun issue PC and threatening a filibuster be political cowardice?

Now I am not a gun nut and I don't necessarily agree with Rand on the gun issue, but at least he is willing to fight and be on the wrong side of PC. Ron Paul was very much like that - you knew where he stood, but Ron wouldn't play politics or bend like Rand.