Comment: I don't, and I'm about as anti-war as . . .

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I don't, and I'm about as anti-war as . . .

a person can be. I think that murder can only be a pre-meditated act. I suppose there are those who would say that war is institutionalized murder. If you murdered when you were involved in the destructions of war, then I am responsible, also, because I paid you with my tax money.

The best way to deal with this mess is to convince more and more people not to be involved in the military, especially if their involvement is directly related to the loss of life; eventually more people will see the light--

If a person is too extreme in his beliefs about this, then any of us who get behind the wheel of a car are also choosing to murder, if there is an accident and someone ends up being killed--

We could be considered murderers if we buy something that was made by someone who was overworked and who died as a result of poor working conditions.

I am not saying that we shouldn't end war, be safer drivers and support automobiles and roads that are safer and purchase things that only do no harm. I believe in all of those things, but it takes time to go from the ideal to the real--

and all of us are somewhere in between--

nobody has perfected becoming completely harmless--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--