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Since the issue is more on

Since the issue is even more on topic now than when you posted this, I thought I would go ahead and comment. I found this thread as I searched Rand Paul and his stance on homosexual marriage. I am as strong a Ron Paul supporter as there ever was, did phone banking for him, cluttered my FB page with him, and tried to become a delegate. The only area I differed slightly with him on was gay marriage. I am personally relieved to see that Rand's stand leans a little more conservative. I have many gay friends and would never want to see them deprived of any kind of rights with regards to social security, next of kin etc and feel that all of this should be accomplished with a civil union. What makes me uncomfortable are a few other things. How would libertarians view the idea of churches being forced to perform gay marriages and pastors being thrown into jail if they refuse to perform homosexual marriage, because it violates their religious beliefs? The idea of this happening does not seem very libertarian at all, and is therefore of definite concern. I don't understand why the insistence to high jack the word "marriage" in redefining it, if equal rights should and can be accomplished legally in a civil union...