Comment: No -- I'm sorry, once again, you are making huuuuge assumptions

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No -- I'm sorry, once again, you are making huuuuge assumptions

It is NOT the same thing (to say) that RP has held to his guns (the belief in that) -- that that belief is similar to the belief that Jesus rose from the grave!!!

I can "show" (prove) RP's voting record -- that's what we are talking about, that he held to his guns (in RP's case it's voting record).

One might argue that it's also his publically declared philosophy (that of constitutionalism etc) -- but again I can PROVE that or make a good argument for it.

Therefore from these first-order "proofs" (over 35 years) I can say that I have "faith" that he will continue -- but nothing is "banking" on it; I don't have to think a certain way, I don't have to tythe, I don't have to kneel, I don't have to recite maxims, I don't have to adhere to a code of ethics -- I don't have to do ANYTHING to arrive at this "faith".

Jesus' being resurrected is a whole 'nother matter.

This would be obvious to you if I said that in a former life John the Baptist was Elijah and Jesus was his disciple Elisha (returned again).

Paramahansa Yogananda makes this argument in his work "The 2nd Coming of Christ" (by Yogananda published through SRF).

Regardless how well laid out his arguments are, you will not have "faith" in it -- you'll think it's heresy or blasphemy.

Faith in Jesus' resurrection is a different kind of "belief" or "faith" then the behavior of someone you know and can know infinitely better.

None of this makes you "wrong" -- it's just that you can't ask to be taken seriously on things that require an abandonment of reason and logic.