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Just My Opinion

I am not a Vet, haven't been around vets other than Korea and WW2 so I can't really have an educated opinion here. SO, here is my take for what it's worth. I don't see our vets or active soldiers as murderers but rather as victims of the same system that started the damned wars in the first place. If being called a victim offends you then I am sorry, but, that is what I see. You were duped into joining, you were brainwashed into thinking it's okay to do the crap they say to do, then you are told to accept it and get over it. Murderers? I can see why some people would think that, and I guess some guys probably do get off on killing. But for the most part I think the soldiers just get caught up in shit they can't do anything about and have to go with the flow even if the flow is nuts. Just my take. I don't really know anything though.