Comment: If you are a murderer we all are.

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If you are a murderer we all are.

(full disclosure, I'm an infantry vet myself)

Whether service people are murderers or just killers is semantics.

IMO the moral question is what's important and if you wouldn't do it now, and only did it then because you were indoctrinated to believe it was ok, as we all were, then I think you're ok. However this is a somewhat self serving position.

As well it's a non trivial issue about who is more responsible? The killer or those who pay the killer? I think it's about equal. But refusing to pay taxes would land you in jail. Just as refusing to kill would.. or possibly worse than jail. So moral weakness abounds.

It's not a black and white issue, and to the extent there is a moral high ground the only ones who occupy that ground are those in prisons for refusing to kill or refusing to pay killers.

I'm not in jail for either.

Now personally is another issue, we have to live with our actions, and if ever confronted by the family of those we have wronged.. well we are responsible for what we did.