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Comment: It is all about PRINCIPLES

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It is all about PRINCIPLES

Libertarians and even more so Objectivists, express themselves as they do because they live by their principles. They will refuse any compromise that creates a less free society, but accept that to reach their goals of freedom, it will take decades, maybe even centuries to achieve. We understand that the tyrants and politicians like OBAMA, BUSH, CLINTON, and yes, even REAGAN (he did increase the size of government) are no match to the powers of economics. In the current path the USA will have to stumble and take a brutal fall; why, because the laws of economics say so. We believe that the laws economics are just as strong as the law of physics.

Look at human history; is the world more or less free, say 50 years ago? How about 100 years? 200? 500? 1000? 5000? Slowly but surely people become more and more free. There is a trend and it is to a freer society. Of course there will always be setbacks, but the trend will still continue. So what you see us Libertarians and Obectivists doing is the same that millions before us have done, spread the word of freedom.

My father raised 5 children to become libertarians. The ideas simply make sense. They don't contradict each other. Once you have become a libertarian, always a libertarian. I've spread it to my fiance, and her to her sister. Even her OBAMA loving mother has voted for libertarian candidates.

AS for replacing the current state...we mind at a time.