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Comment: Freedom to Move and Choose...

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Freedom to Move and Choose...

Forgot to mention that libertarians also will move and find greener pastures. We aren't dependent on the tits of the government. If things get bad, we move. You can see it in the less free states such as California and New York that have a net loss in American Citizens. This in turn creates a concentration of free thinking people in other parts of the country or the world. And as the USA slows down economically and culturally, other parts of the world begin to receive these free thinking minds and thus begin to prosper. **It was the story of the USA.**

You think we have lost the battle in the USA against the oppressors, but I say Freedom is winning the WAR. Continents like Africa and South America have gained so much freedom in the last half century it is almost unbelievable when you compare it to any other moment in history. Asia is on an explosion of freedom that cannot be stopped. New technologies spread this idea even faster than before.

So while many people are pessimistic, I am extremely upbeat about the world. Yeah the USA sucks right now, but even then we have to remember how unfree the USA was to many of its people only a short time ago.