Comment: You know what, its not about

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You know what, its not about

You know what, its not about winning for me anymore, feels to much like their term anyway........feels more like embracing the natural progress of things

Everything around us has changed drastically from our humble beginings, the one exception is us, our outlook on life,

No doubt the same fight we fight has been fought countless times, or at least i suspect it so, in one shape or form, except, back then, we didnt have devices capable of leveling large areas

In the advent of such weapons, i think alot of people are realising, the cats out of the bag, you cant shove him back in, unless you are willing to become a tyrant and use any means necassary, which leaves us with the most difficult but honest, and i'd argue, natural, alternative

the begining of a voluntary global idealogical change

Still havent figured out if governments could help, or if it would be a hindrance.........i guess it depends on who's behind the wheel