Comment: i think its based on the

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i think its based on the

i think its based on the friends your friends have.

im gonna assume the couple were either already friends with those that attended, or recently became "friended", i think its as someone suggested, it being an algorithm based on the likely hood of you knowing those people in the reception, because you have TWO direct connections, a probability algorithm

i certainly cant say their not tapping you, cant say they are either, or eventually will, but i think in this instance, algorithm is to has a real world purpose, making friends with those you meet and like, but, i think it'll eventually be an artificially created nightmare, if dont treat it with a weary eye.......the possibility of it,

I.E. no one caring, or knowing enough, to put, ANY kind of verifiable limitations, ideally the user end would have complete and utter direct control and a user friendly comprehensive alert system..........dont know, that last bit, is a working progress of an idea