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I will answer..

QUESTION #1 : One year ago, I was doing this...

QUESTION #2 : We better NOT wait until 2016, we need to get busy NOW for 2014 primaries!!!

QUESTION #3 ; Yes indeed we have IMPACTED the whole of the electorate with a lasting impression about what is wrong and what is right!

Peter Schiff just hung up the phone 25 short minutes ago with former Congressman Joe Walsh who just secured a radio gig on 560AM in Chicago; Peter Schiff is our Economist, of Ron Paul fame by association...he just camadelled Krugman a "comedian", correcting the green host who referred to him as an "economist"!

Here's Joe Walsh directly in front of me at last years Illinois Republican State Convention where I was a, State Chairman Pat Brady admits, they "didn't do a damn thing to help him" in 2010!

IMAGINE THE POTENTIAL FOR US if guys like Joe Walsh keep company with our ilk? We definitely made a lasting difference; and we ALL better bare the patriotism necessary to change the political will of this country on a historic scale!!!