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Question One: Does everyone

Question One:

Does everyone remember what they were doing for liberty this week, last year? It seemed like there was so much hope for a real change in our country, thanks to Dr. Paul. It was an exciting time.

I honestly can't remember.

Question Two:

Do you think we will have to wait until 2016 to capture that excitement for change again? Is it even possible?

This is a funny question.. I have a meeting on Friday morning with a Ron Paul supporter here. I just moved back to Ohio. I want to build a coalition of people here in Columbus. Find a candidate to back or run for a state or city position. I want to build this coalition now, because midterms is where our small voice can reap the best rewards... and it can prepare us for Rands campaign in 16.

Final Question:

Did we make a lasting difference?

Absolutely. An eternal one that we all owe to Dr. Paul. Had he not run in 07.. or specifically took on Rudy in debate, I would still be asleep. Now I am active and alert. Im even going to try to convince my nephews to run for public service.

Great thread. :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul