Comment: Kaizen, Gradualism, Progressivism

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Kaizen, Gradualism, Progressivism

Japanese for "improvement", or "change for the better" refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, and business management. It has been applied in healthcare, psychotherapy, life-coaching, government, banking, and other industries.

"Progressivism. The inevitability of gradualism. It's about the subversion of America.

Today's oligarchy of aristocrats have complete control of the civilian population. Mainstream media "news" outlets pump pure propaganda 24/7 into the uneducated or unknowing minds of the public. They control the rhetoric with their spin and narrative. They mix facts with lies to make it unable to determine truth from fiction. Like kabuki theater they tell beautiful lies daily with pretty people wearing nice suits broadcast from some expensive corporate television stage. Lies that come from the government/public relations firms. Those papers they shuffle on their desk are the daily talking points.

The goal of the "news" is not to inform you, but to form you. It's a story with their spin on it. Propaganda with the goal of Subversion. It's psychological warfare.

The Soviet Stalinist term, Politically Correct was created to arrest those who opposed them, to silence free speech. Today accusing someone of not being politically correct is used to silence or slander opponents and paint them as racist or xenophobic. Don't be Stalinist, don't be politically correct.

Subverting a Nation: Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis, Normalization.

Normalization, soviet term from 1968 Soviet propaganda "The tanks have moved into Prague, things have been Normalized"

FORWARD has been a communist slogan for over 100 years. This year Obama's slogan was FORWARD.

Forward indeed Comrades....H/T John Smith"