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Based on that post, you

Based on that post, you should renounce your citizenship if you really feel that strongly.

How absurd. In essence, your argument is this: "I disagree with you! Therefore, you should leave the country!"

First, what is citizenship but a State monopoly on the location of birth?! That is to say, if you happen to be born within a territory which a gang of thieves called 'government' presumes is its own property, by virtue of violent enforcement, you are an indentured servant at birth, de facto!

Yeah, that sounds a lot like "freedom" to me! Congratulations on affirming this statist viewpoint by suggesting that anyone who doesn't adopt not even the rules, but the mere conventional military idolatry familiar to the statist culture, irrespective of its actual validity, should relinquish their (happenstance) citizenship.

Second, when you say "What have you done to stop them?" you presume that one has a responsibility for the actions of others. Again, a pretty statist viewpoint, wouldn't you agree? The beauty of liberty is that, as an individual, he should measure his own values and act accordingly. Whether his priorities include an activist role in persuading others of the inherent evil of military servitude is entirely a subjective matter that is personal to mbennett alone, and we should be grateful for his ability both to pursue individual prerogatives as well as opine on those which may or may not be among them.

Which brings me to the third point. You say: I'd like to see you say those things to that mans face, but you never would because you are a coward behind your keyboard! But a comment in this vein shuns the very value of the internet that has propelled the liberty movement to where it is today. Cowardice has nothing to do with it; we all know damn well that the internet is conducive to a style of communication that interpersonal communication, in real life, is not.

It is more blunt. It is less forgiving. It is unabashed.

It is, in essence, unfiltered. And that is why it is phucking awesome! Where else can you get this honesty? As sure as sh!t you will not get it in real life, and that is the point! That is why we FIGHT for internet anonymity and for the 4th amendment! That's why we fight against legislation that aims at putting a spotlight on internet communications.

The value of this type of openness is self-evident, and we should all be grateful for it. Whether or not one would say these things in real life is not only COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT to the points being made in this discussion, but is also EXACTLY THE BENEFIT of this forum!

So, if I may speak bluntly, and anonymously behind my keyboard, please STFU until you have a better grasp on the anti-liberty implications of your words.