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Comment: "Now Im just gonna say it. What an asshole."?

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"Now Im just gonna say it. What an asshole."?

Yes you seem to be one.

I too have had.. let me count..4 sodomite friends... and yes I too agree with a poster below that, in the case of those 4, they were stellar people. I even would bet that they were the best at what they did...

That being said, they are still SODOMITES. There are and always have been laws AGAINST SODEMY. Same with child rape and animal sex. If you sicko's cannot face facts, I will not argue with you.

You have a choice to make a choice and have an opinion. I have no issues with anyones choice or opinion. If you don't like mine, then maybe you actually have an acceptance issue. You only accept what goes along with your accepted meme.

Some ignorant below believe that you are born a sodomite. HOLY FREEKING CRAP! That lie spewed from the 80's that "they found a gene" has been debunked. These people make a choice to be sodomites just like a druggy makes the choice to take the first puff.

How about another fraud genetic lie... Being Fat is genetic. What a jack arsh statement. Of course fat is genetic you overweight person. You feed your face full of CRAPPY PROCESSED FOOD and your genes say "piss off" your arsh is the size of a freaking truck inner tube.

So don't lay your brain washed homosexual good crap on me. I am a real person in the real world. YOU have been conditioned to accept Sodomy. YOU will easily be conditioned to accept child rape and bestiality.