Comment: How did this post get 6

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How did this post get 6

How did this post get 6 upvotes? That seems counterintuitive to the very message of the post itself!

Especially when you consider the substance -- or, excuse me -- lack of substance.

I quote:

"It seems there are people that make negative comments about people in the liberty movement, a large percentage of these people have had accounts here for very short periods of time or long periods of time BUT... the ones that have been here for long periods of time need to be looked at closely as well. Look at these points before taking their word or opinion as sincere or gospel, keep in mind there are people that DO NOT want our message to gain more and more traction."

Where is the specificity? No examples? No naming names?

How productive can a conversation about negativity as it regards comments and "people in the liberty movement" be without addressing the substantive, specific concerns? I.e., without calling out those who you suspect of this behavior?

No, no, no. Instead, it's: "Beware! There's some negative stuff some new people are saying; but some people with older accounts might be suspect, too! Watch out for everyone, everone!!! Oooooooohh, the bogieman might be after you!"


If you have issues with one or multiple users, post them. Reply to specific comments with which you take issue! Start threads and name names if you feel it necessary beyond that!

Otherwise, I mean, seriously. Come on.

This is a clown post, bro.