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Actually, this isn't really the case

Please don't jump to these conclusions, as they aren't true at all. Ben has three viable options, all of which are right there out in the open:

1) Get a job as a regional reporter at another station just like Fox 19 but hopefully a bigger market
2) Land a show with a national cable channel
3) Go Independent and start his own network

His survey doesn't address the first option because that's really nothing to write home to Mom about. The second option is viable so it's helpful to get a handle on what the Liberty movement watches and where they would like to see him featured (also, cable execs want to know this). The third option is included because cable is dying and the Internet holds great potential, albeit he doesn't know what kind of actual support he would have here.

I know this because I helped write this survey. The only way Ben can actually know what his audience really wants is by asking them - and then we go from there. Implying that he's being somehow tricky about this is missing our intent. Ben may actually land a cable network show and not go the Kickstarter route at all. Again, I know this because I've had several meetings with execs about this very topic and have another meeting this week. They like Ben but are trying to understand his audience and how it might fit with their demographic.

IMO, there are only two absolutely bulletproof figures in the Liberty movement: Ron Paul and Ben Swann. Both are very logical men who think things through and wear their integrity on their sleeve. Best way to verify this is to look at their respective track records.

The best is ahead for Ben Swann and I will do everything I can to connect him with the Liberty movement and the greater audience that doesn't even know about him yet. This was just the first step. Have some faith in the conversations that have been had before this video was posted. There are a lot of things to take into consideration and we're just trying to be practical with how to go about this.

In Liberty,