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Response V to Eric Hoffer

Mr. Hoffer said"

"What gives me pause is you failing to stay on track with the argument here. Vague hand waving and a reference to Harrit's credentials don't impress me WHEN THE STUDY IS PUBLISHED and I can look at it and clearly see the mistakes made. That's the glory of peer-review! You get critiqued, especially when you make boneheaded mistakes! You're going to tell me that scientists aren't wrong? They disagree and prove each other wrong all the time. Being a scientist sure as hell doesn't make you infallible."


UH HUH. And trusting the peer-review process in today's politically charged world of like trusting a serial rapist, to protect and look out for, your wife.

Case in point: The anthropogenic global warming hoax. The reality: It is used as another means by the global elite, to control the masses. The farce: Many "peer reviewed" scientists and journals have lied and mis and disinformed on the subject.

Last question: Where did I EVER say that being a scientist doesn't make one infallible.,

Certainly, a great example would be all of the great scientists that we imported from Nazi Germany after the war under Operation Paperclip.

They helped participate in one of the most diabolical efforts of genocide in human history. Yet their extraordinary intellect was harnessed by the USA.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.